Easy to Stay
(c) 2001 Karen Poston/ Pistolgirl Music BMI
All Rights Reserved
For some reason today I feel the world moving under my wheels
I never got one lucky break that I didn't feel like I had to steal
But you help me hold on and just take this old world as it comes
For some reason today it just hit me, I might be
One of the lucky ones      
 And it's...
Easy to stay
Beside you, come what may
When love has it's say
It's Easy to Stay
Some lucky people are blessed from the day they are born
They live a charmed life I suppose, and the trials I've seen they'll never know
I can't help but feeling relieved when I look in your eyes
and I have to thank God or whatever the forces 
That brought me to stand by your side
 And it's...
Easy to Stay
Beside you come what may
when love has it's say
It's Easy to Stay