We Ran Out Of Love (Baby Blue)

© 1999 by Jim Stringer, Little Book Music, BMI

The radio was playing that old Gene Vincent tune
And it brought a teardrop to your eyes
So I called you “Baby Blue”

And the hours passed like minutes when our love was new
But we ran out of time, Baby Blue.

At first the words came easy but time soon changes things
I found it hard to listen to what you could not explain
And the words began to echo like some sad refrain
Till we ran out of words, Baby Blue.

We ran out of time and then push came to shove
And we couldn’t find the words so we just ran out of love.  

I wasn’t careful with your heart and you were tough on mine
And words can never mend a heart that’s failed the test of time
So now I spend the hours with the song in mind
Since we ran out of time
Then we ran out of words
And we just ran out of love, Baby Blue.

(c) 2005 by The Music Room, Austin, TX BOOKING CONTACT
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