© 1993 by Jim Stringer, Little Book Music, BMI


In the soft grey shadows at the break of day
A pretty cajun girl is trying to make her getaway, a getaway.
Quietly she dresses and she zips her bag
Tapes up a note to her mom and dad on the kitchen door,
            that squeakin’ kitchen door.
Then she heads down the road to the Trailways station
Asks for a ticket to some other place
The bus pulls out and she says these words
As a tear trickles down her face:


            I'll always miss your muddy brown water
            and your sweet-smelling salty air
            The spicy taste of the jambolaya
            and the French music everywhere.
            Now I'm not saying that I'll never be back
            But this'll have to do till then
            I'll say bye-bye bayou, good-bye Bayou LaFouche
            Woah-oh, good-bye Bayou LaFouche


A few hours later she's out on the road
She's thinking back on the days before she had to getaway, her getaway.
About a solemn vow to a handsome boy
She's broken his heart and that's no joy for anyone, on any day.
Now she's doing sixty through northern Louisiana
Riding this bus to some other place
As she looks through the window and says these words
A tear trckles down her face...



You know it's never easy for a girl to leave her home;
But before she'll be that young boy's bride, she'll head out on her own... singing (etc.)




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