Chevy Headed West
(c) by Jim Stringer, Little Book Music, BMI

It was the fifth day of June back in 1968
So early in our lives already feared it was too late
What fate held in store, we never could have guessed
When we took to the highway in a Chevy headed west.

Me and my pal Harry, from college on the lam
Wondering would we soon be mired in the fields of Viet Nam
That worrisome possiblity was too much to digest
So we took out on the highway in a Chevy headed west.

Closin' in on Colby for some tunes along the way
Tuned in Oklahoma City beamin' KOMA
You could hear it clear from Texas to Chicago

Getting near to Goodland and the Colorado line
Singin' "Sunshine of your Love" above the tires whine
They cut in on the music, the DJ sounded stressed
We pulled off on the shoulder in that Chevy headed west.

It was a scene of great confusion at the hotel in Tinsel Town
Where three slugs from a .22 had just gunned the future down
The news sent shocks from Texas to Chicago

I wasn't deperation, you couldn't call it pain
What we felt as on the Chevy fell a few cold drops of rain
Like the jumble of feelings we held tight to our chest
We just pulled back on the highway and that Chevy headed west.

(c) 2005 by The Music Room, Austin, TX BOOKING CONTACT
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