He Loved the Music
© by Jim Stringer, Little Book Music, BMI

A crumpled five dropped in the jar, they’d ask me for their song
Then two step ‘round the dance floor as Bill tried to sing along
When it got down to the sad part, 
Both would wipe a tear
Bill loved the music, Louise loved the beer.

Louise sang in his country band ‘til 1964
Made a side for MGM, but as easy to ignore 
As ashes on the bar room floor
Were his stories of those years…
Bill loved the music, Louise loved the beer.

A choice between two rights, he’d pick wrong
Louise would smile because, you know, Hank wrote all those songs
For losers who were winners in their luxury austere…
He loved the music and she loved the beer.

I hadn’t seen Bill for awhile and I asked Louise one day
She said, I’m sorry, Jim... I thought you heard
last spring Bill passed away
A friend, a fan, a honky-tonk man, 
one by one, they disappear
Bill loved the music Louise loved the beer.

(c) 2005 by The Music Room, Austin, TX BOOKING CONTACT
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