I Feel Better Since You’ve Gone
© 1998 by Jim Stringer, Little Book Music, BMI

It was early in the evening ‘bout a year ago, takin’ it easy, movin’ slow
You’d gone out of town on a “business thing”
I'd just settled down to a TV Dinner, had the “Horns” on the tube, they looked like a winner
When out in the hall, the telephone rang.

A woman started talking, voice shaky and thin,
Said my wife had run off with her old man,
Though I wanted to deny it, I knew it was true,
You’d been acting kind of funny for a week or two.

So I hung up the phone, put on “Shotgun Willie”, played “Whiskey River” till I cried myself silly.
Until I stopped and took stock of what I had.
I was just past forty, not bad lookin’, my burners all worked and were capable of cookin’
And I realized, it was not all that bad!

So I just let go, I said, “Well, that’s that”, I was out of the door in a minute flat.
Didn’t go far, I wound up here, Holding on to an ice cold Lone Star Beer.

The band was playing and my friends were there, in about a half an hour, I just didn’t care
If you'd run off to the moon with your old Don Juan.
But it didn’t stop there, it was deeper than that, I was feeling GOOD, not just “not feeling bad”
Yes, Honey, I feel BETTER since you’re gone!

I can dance till four on a Friday night, and sleep with the TV on.
I can do those dishes if I damn well please, and whistle to my favorite songs
I can eat sardines, wear torn blue jeans
And I don’t mind sleeping alone.
Yes… I feel better since you’re gone.

(c) 2005 by The Music Room, Austin, TX BOOKING CONTACT
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