I Saw Them Together
© by Jim Stringer, LIttle Book Music, BMI

Running late for my plane, I hailed a cab and dodged the rain
Settled back and searched my pockets for my phone
I tried my Gracie one more time, but our machine picked up the line
I worried that my wife wasn’t home.

The cabbie stopped for a light and I glanced to the right
I saw a couple in passion’s embrace
The woman turned to face my way and I saw with dismay
That woman was my darling Grace.

A sick feeling set in as she kissed him again
And I watched them fade into the night.
Now so deep is the pain, it may drive me insane
Since I saw them together that night.

I ran from the car and found my way into a bar
And ordered a bottle of gin.
I drank a glass dry and wiping tears from my eyes,
I filled it again and again.

The hours turned the page and my hurt turned to rage
Through the darkness and the storm, home I ran.
I pulled my Grace from the bed -- in my rage, I’d see her dead
How could she love another man?

I don’t know where it came from that demon strength in my hands
As slowly, I drained her of life
Now so deep is the pain, it may drive me insane
Since I saw them together that night.

For a moment there I stood as if I were made of wood
A letter she’d been writing lay close by
"Dearest Darling,"  first I read, 
"A most amazing day I’ve had."
But the last words brought stinging  tears to my eyes.

That letter in my trembling hand, I would soon understand
As in the silence, came a knock at the door.
A key turned in the lock, I stood there in shock
I just didn’t care anymore.

Into the room stepped the woman and the man
That I’d seen kissing under the light
Those last words that Gracie penned read, “Today I learned I have a twin”
And I first saw them together that night.

So strap me down, find the vein
Put and end to my pain
Since I saw them together that night.

(c) 2005 by The Music Room, Austin, TX BOOKING CONTACT
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