In My Hand
(c) 2003 by Jim Stringer

It's such an ancient story
Two lover's fall from Glory
It's older than desert sand

Soft as an angel's wing
She made the planets sing
Every woman loved by every man

Sincerely, she pledged her love to me
And my heart was her's for all eternity.
Never a hint or warnin'
two lovers in the garden
I thought I'd ever hold the world
In my hand

The life we built together
Could surely brave the weather
I was the oak and she the rose

The future was unclouded
Her love I never doubted
A sheltered existence, I suppose.

Then she pulled away and distance I could feel
In her kisses and soon in truth revealed
My love had been forsaken
Temptation's gambit taken
I felt the rock of ages crumble
In my hand

As in a trance I followed
That night when she went walkin
I saw them clearly through the trees

Beneath shadows' hazy cover
I saw two furtive lovers
An awful rage came over me

Now Lying in the folds of her loverís bed
My angel and her snake are lyin' dead.
Now my life lies behind me
In the morning they will find me
My life taken by this smoking gun
In my hand.