What Do I Know
© 1997 Jim Stringer

He calls while dinnerís sittiní there on the table
He says heís working late and heíll be home when heís able
I doubt that story, but what do I know.

He shows up smelliní like a day old drink
Thereís lipstick on his collar, but itís not what you think
Unless you think heís been fooliní around, but what do I know

I donít know much, but Iíll tell you this
You got the lips Iíve been dyiní to kiss
I doesnít take a fellow with a PhD to see
You could do better with a guy like me.

So next time he leaves you sittin home for hours
Then shows up grinniní with a fist full of flowers
Then ask youself, what does that show?
Iíd tell you what it means to me, but what do I know?

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