Jim Stringer & the AM Band -- MRCD02813

The records may not come as quickly for Jim Stringer as they do for artists in the throw-away world of pop music. Like good food, it takes awhile to prepare. As the new CD’s title suggests, this is just the thirteenth in a series that began in 1967 with a rare LP by his then band, The Upside Dawne, which has since become a garage-rock collector’s gem. Of this fourth CD with Stringer’s Austin, TX based AM Band, reviewer John Reiser writes:

“This sparkling collection of thirteen (of course!) new songs, is perhaps Stringer’s most perfectly realized album yet in a string of stunning artistic successes…”
--John Reiser, The Reiser Report

The introductory instrumental track – now sort of a hallmark of Stringer’s CD’s – a cover of Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser”, showcases the considerable instrumental prowess of the players. In addition, this track is an homage to Stringer’s influences and incorporates thirteen (what else?) musical references. Hint: the first is Duane Eddy and the title song, itself! “Here’s the River” is a clever story song dedicated to Stringer’s late father with a Texas Hold ‘Em poker theme. The powerful life reflection, “Chevy Headed West” (see insert) is a timely reminder of where we’ve come from, in this election year. In a perfect world, Stringer’s countrified reworkings of the 60’s Jay and the American’s hit, “Come a Little Bit Closer”, and Alex Harvey’s “Rings” would be radio hits. (Don’t hold your breath.) The CD concludes with an addition to the dead- sweetheart country music legacy. “I Saw Them Together” is a dark and tragic tale of domestic violence that ends with an ironic twist.

With the release of Triskaidekaphilia, Stringer continues to prove that modern country music doesn’t have to sound like Styx in cowboy hats. This CD cuts new territory while sounding distinctly and traditionally country.

For more information, song lyrics, and news, see the web site, AUSTINMUSICBAND.COM.