Travis County Pickin'

Travis County Pickin - Country-Jazz Guitar, Austin, Texas Style (20k jpeg) AUSTIN, TEXAS - The music scene in and around Austin, Texas is incredibly vibrant. For those of you who aren't familiar with Texas geography, Austin is located in east central Texas and is the county seat of Travis County and the state capital as well. On any given night you can hear so much world class music that it's impossible to take it all in. The Austin country and roots music scene is particularly strong with an unusually high ratio of hot pickers per square mile. And it's this tremendous depth of musical talent that makes Travis County Pickin' such a fun project. It's a splendid showcase for these great Austin pickers, a sincere tribute to country guitar ''greats'' of the past and an exemplary celebration of the wonderful variety of country guitar styles. And if that isn't enough, it's a great way to hear a number of players who will undoubtedly be influencing the future musical direction of country guitar.

Jim Hilmar
Vintage Guitar Magazine ``SPOTLIGHT'' Columnist
from the liner notes of Travis County Pickin'

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